the gardner

the gardner

AX Paris blue cotton dress
$42 –

Chanel yellow canvas shoes

Nica shoulder bag

Acne Studios bracelet jewelry
$450 –

ST. Notebook Black
$14 –


Baseball Anyone?

Spring 2013

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Hi everyone!

Well sorry to disappoint, but this post isn’t really about baseball. Well I guess it is in a way, so keep on reading!

I spend a lot of time at the baseball fields because two of my brothers play just about every weekend almost year round. Of course it would be easy to wear comfy sweats in the winter and yoga leggings in the spring, but I try not to be “that girl” (You know, the one who looks like a complete mess all the time? We all know one.). As a result, a major factor that comes into play when I consider buying something is not price, fit, quality, etc…, but it is also “Will this work at the ballpark?”

It’s really important to choose pieces that will work with many outfits, because if you don’t, you are not getting your money’s worth no matter what the item costs. This outfit is a great example of the perfect look made up of versatile pieces. Let’s take a look at it, shall we?

Okay well this top is just great. It gives a more toned down peplum appearance for a slimming effect, and the colorful dot details make it perfect to wear with different colored jeans, shorts, or even plain jeans. Be sure to check it out because this picture doesn’t do it justice. Here is the link.

I paired the top with these great, red JCrew shorts. I love their shorts because they are nice, thick, and really well made, so they’ll last for a long time. Also, they come in just about any color you can think of. You can get these shorts here.

Gold seems to be the preferred accessory color of the season, so I stuck with gold accessories for this outfit. The watch and earrings are both so simple but unique, so they are perfect for this easy weekend look. The cross earrings are a little different from the ones we see everyday, and I love the two-faced watch; it’s so interesting and a cool new take on the classic watch. Here is the link to the watch, and here is the link to the earrings. The gold shoes would be a bit of a splurge (What do you expect from Tory Burch?), but these would go great with any shorts or jeans combo. They could finish any outfit you pair them with! Here is the link to the shoes.

This outfit would be super easy to pull off, and the best part about it is you have elements of it in your closet right now! Simple Spring looks are so easy to pull together as long as you remember to stick with versatile pieces and unique accessories to complete the outfit. Here’s a little rule I use when I’m shopping: When you are trying something on, try to think of two outfits that it would go with using pieces you already have. You’ll see that you have tons of simple, chic outfits ready to wear on any spring occasion!