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Welcome to WantLikeNow!

Hey everyone! We’re two best friends and with the help of even more pretty great friends, we run this website. It’s been a pretty interesting journey to get to this point. I moved (officially) to this website from acoriginals early July, but this website has been under construction since late May.

Our path seems to be constantly changing, but the basic concept behind the site is always the same. My goal is to share fashion tips, tricks, and advice. Pretty simple, right? However, as we expand on this new site I will add in daily outfit posts and beauty posts. Hopefully these posts will stay interesting, and maybe they will inspire people to try something they had never heard of before. At least, that is what I’m aiming for. Be sure to share the links to posts you like! I love to get feedback and suggestions about what you want to hear, so feel free to send an email to wantlikenow@gmail.com or you can even tweet us @wantlikenow.




10 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m so excited for you!! Thanks for liking my post! I enjoy helping others find their fashion style as well and will definitely be following your blog and providing feedback!! I already love it!!

  2. I would first like to say “Thanks for the follow”
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  3. Thanks so much for liking my post – I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I look forward to exploring your site ❤

    Love, Kel xoxo

    PS – Don't hesitate to follow my blog to keep up-to-date with my latest posts at dressaddictedlawgirl.wordpress.com or contact me at dressaddictedlawgirl@gmail.com

  4. I saw you liking my blog Fashion Falls, but yours is great! I will defiantly follow. You’re so real and don’t imagine that every dingle person in America has Christian Loubuiton shoes(I’m not sure if i even spelled his last name right) All I’m going to say is keep on going! Good Luck!

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